The GIQTest
What is on the GIQTest?
The GIQTest is an intelligence quotient (IQ) test that consists of 5 sections. Each section measures a variety of components that together make up a profile of general ability. The GIQTest is modeled after modern clinical intelligence assessments.

How can you claim the GIQTest is the 'most accurate and realistic' IQ test on the web?

The GIQTest is an online analog for the most common clinically proctored IQ tests. In our internal study, the GIQTest correlated within about 4% of an individual's full scale score on a clinically proctored IQ test. The GIQTest's sections are modeled after clinical IQ test sections.

GIQTest Sections
Picture Questions
Measures: Nonverbal reasoning, simultaneous processing, spatial visualization synthesis, visual processing
Vocabulary Questions
Measures: verbal concept formation, semantic cognition, long-term memory, richness of early environment, intellectual curiosity
Recall Questions
Measures: memory, sequential ability, symbolic content, concentration
Relationship Questions
Measures: verbal reasoning, conceptualization, concept formation, semantic content
Arithmetic Questions
Measures: memory, symbolic content, reasoning

How did you create the GIQTest?
The GIQTest went through the following process to create the most accurate online IQ Test:

Researching clinical IQ Tests  
  • We examined the Stanford-Binet® 3rd and 5th edition, Raven's Progressive Matrices®, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, CogAt, Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Leiter International Performance Scale®, WAIS®, and Cattell IQ assessments.
Creating the GIQTest
  • We choose to model our sections after clinical IQ test sections that have the highest correlation to g (general intelligence) and are implementable online.
  • We created each section to have similar characteristics to a corresponding clinical IQ test section.
  • Each question was created independently by the GIQTest team to measure specific aspects of intelligence.

Correlating the Test

  • We assembled a test group of over 50 users that had taken a standardized IQ test.
  • These users were administered the GIQTest and their scores were compared.
  • We correlated these scores section by section and adjusted the GIQTest accordingly.
  • Our final correlation has an r value greater than .9.
Norming the Test  
  • The scoring algorithm was adjusted to match with our testers' corresponding clinical IQ scores.
  • Our research team performed a broad beta test with Mensans and IQ takers from all over the globe.
  • We compared these results and made some final adjustments.
  • The GIQTest V1.1 was content was finalized.
Creating the Test Engine  
  • The engine for the GIQTest is complex, it allows for some fairly advanced question types and behaviors.
  • The engine takes into account various factors such as time taken, weighting, and question timing.
  • Creating the full scale score requires statistical modeling and a complex algorithm.
Creating the Reporting  
  • We created the report to provide the best possible interpretation of your score online.
  • Full scale score is accurate to within 4% of clinically proctored IQ test.
    We included all section scores, comparisons of abilities, and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comparison of Verbal vs Performance intelligence types.
  • Describes the meaning if IQ scores.
  • All analysis is modeled after practices in interpreting the S-B® V as described in Essentials of Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (SB5) Assessment

What does the GIQTest cost?
The GIQTest score and report cost $10. We use paypal for payment fulfillment. However, anyone is free to take the GIQTest. We use this 'street performer model', as it allow users to try our test beforehand and only pay if they are satisfied with our test, and their performance.
We charge for two main reasons.
1) We’re obviously trying to recoup some of the initial cost of developing this test (over 1000 hours of research and testing), not to mention bandwidth and hosting.
2) Our ongoing correlation and norming goals are best met if the test taking effort is high.

What does my score on the GIQTest mean?

It means that if you took a clinically proctored IQ test, it is very likely your score would be about the same as your GIQTest score. (within 4% in our test group)

Why is the GIQTest the best IQ test online?
The GIQTest exists solely to measure IQ for the users own personal information. It was created from scratch to perform similarly to the most used clinical IQ tests. This test is to a clinical IQ test as an unofficial practice SAT is to the SAT.
Unlike some other online IQ tests:

  • we do not get you to sign up and then charge your CC every month
  • we do not use our IQ test as a front for a matchmaking service
  • we did not make up our test out of thin air and then claim it is 'PhD Certified'
  • we do not skew results to artificially increase customers' scores
  • we will not email you about anything other than the GIQTest (or give away your address).
About IQ
What is IQ?
In theory, IQ or intelligence quotient, is a value that represents an individual's intelligence relative to a group. Traditionally, it is a number that compares to other individuals in your age group. The distribution of scores usually has a mean (average) of 100, with a standard deviation of 15. Most clinical psychologists believe that an IQ score is a valid measure of 'real' intelligence. Others believe that IQ scores only measure an individual's ability to perform IQ tests.
(frequently asked questions)
Can I improve my score on IQ tests?
Absolutely. Many of the sections on modern IQ tests have low 'retest reliability'. What this means in layman's terms is that many of the types of problems on IQ tests are trainable. It is possible to train for, and improve your score on, a clinically proctored IQ test.

Can I quit in the middle of a test and resume it later?
Yes. Make sure to save your test ID. Your test ID is shown on the first instruction page. Click on 'resume a test' on the title bar and enter the ID to resume a test.

What kind of score do I need to get into Mensa?

Any score on a standardized proctored test that is in the top 2% of a population. This would correspond to a GIQTest score of about 130. See IQ Resources for more information.

Is the GIQTest associated with The Psychological Corporation or Riverside Publishing?

No. We are in no way affiliated. The GIQTest is to a clinical IQ test as an unofficial SAT practice test is to the SAT.

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