The GIQTest is the most realistic and accurate IQ test on the web. (more info)

This test is modeled after real, clinical IQ tests like the Standford-Binet, Raven's Matrices, and WAIS tests.

Taking the Test
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  • Highly accurate - compare with clinical IQ test
  • Measures verbal and performance ability.
  • Includes comprehensive report
  • Includes IQ Training Guide
  • Only takes 25 - 45 minutes.
  • Entertaining, exercise your brain!
  • Compare with your peers.
  • Find out if could qualify for a high IQ society like Mensa.
  • Just to know; something everyone should take once in their life.
  • Discover and compare your mental strengths and weaknesses.
Post-Test Reports
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Test Report
  • Accurate full scale score
  • Compare verbal and performance score
  • Comprehensive section by section breakdown.
  • Strengths and weaknesses comparison.

IQ Test Scale
Us vs. Them
  Cost Time Modeled After Report
GIQTest Full $10 / Free to try
25 - 45 minutes modern clinical IQ tests, WAIS III and Standford Binet V overall score, explanations, verbal - performance comparison.
Other web based 10 minutes no scientific model invalid score, some astrologyesque 'reporting'
psych assessment (ie S-B V)
$300 -$500 3-4 hours Itself, it's the gold standard. detailed analysis by a pro with at least some psych grad schooling.

Correlation and Norming Complete
The GIQTest Research Team would like to extend a big thank you to all previous beta test takers and Mensans that helped us correlate and norm our test! With your help, we are confident we've created the best online IQ Test.


GIQTest - The most advanced online intelligence quotient (IQ) test. The test includes a full scale report.